Two Girls, One Quest


Born and raised just outside of Dublin – Ireland, Robin migrated (as birds tend to do) to Austin in the early 2000’s. She works in Austins tech industry and loves the outdoors!


A native Californian Gal and true daughter of Ireland, Rachel was raised on fresh seafood, beaches and surf. As a member of the tech industry, Rachel found herself in Austin in the early 2000’s, fell in love and could never leave.

Our Quest

Our quest, that we have decided to accept – is to seek out and identify the most authentic, delicious, and satifying dish of Fish’n’Chips that Austin has to offer. 

B.D. Reileys, September 30th, 2021

September 30th, 2021 – B.D. Reileys

Robins Review

First bite was rather uninspiring – heavy on the batter, with not a whole lot of fish.

The chips are not chips, maybe potato wedges?

Final Wrap Up

Overall a 6/10

Rachels Review

First bite had a lot of batter, and fish was flakey, but there wasn’t much of it.

I think I’ve had these “chips” before somewhere…

Final Wrap Up

Overall a 6/10